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The Humming of Numbers book. Read 75 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Aidan is poised to take his monastic vows—until a girl e.
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Numbers is the story of Jem; a fifteen year old girl who has spent over half her life orphaned and bounced from family to family in the foster care system. Therefore, it almost goes without saying that she is a troubled girl with issues a plenty. In addition to the crap load of, well crap life has piled on her; Jem sees a number whenever she looks someone in the eye. That number is always there, always the same, and it is the date that person will die. As a result, Jem grows up learnin Loved it!

As a result, Jem grows up learning to avoid looking anyone in the eye, shuns friendships and attachments, and barely skates by in school. Everything is random; nothing is for a reason or has a real purpose. Regarding the numbers Jem sees, I think a case can be made for the numbers being real as well as it all being a figment of her imagination. Suddenly, six or seven? So, considering what has happened to her, it it any surprise that Jem turns out to be an antisocial loner obsessed with death?

Under the disguise of mental illness, Jem may be a very perceptive girl who is able to sense when someone has an illness, or when someone is living a life so dangerous that it will be ended before their due time.

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Or it is a coincidence? Perhaps she has had that sense about others, yet they lived so we are not privy to those experiences? However, what added to my enjoyment of Numbers is the fact that they could also be explained away by life circumstances, mental illness and stress. It is a fast moving, engrossing and plot driven book.

It is also a very sweet story of friendship and growing up. Numbers completely captivated me from beginning to end. Admittedly, we are thrown a pretty big teaser early on and I have no impulse control. None whatsoever. Needing to know what will happen next was a large part of my drive to finish this so quickly. Even so, I look forward to reading this again, and seeing if the story is just as compelling the second time around although I have a feeling it will be. Jun 05, Andrea rated it did not like it.

Spider and what kind of name is that? In fact, it was a turn-off. The word giraffe was used, along with the phrases gangly and lanky, and he had BO. Yep, those are top quality traits in a romantic interest.

The Humming of Numbers: A Novel

And I hate the cussing these teenagers are doing, as well as the s plot spoilers Did Not Finish I really debated quitting on pg. And I hate the cussing these teenagers are doing, as well as the smoking, drugs, and living on the streets. I wish this power would have been paired with something a little more appealing. There were several phrases used that only someone living in England would know. And when she said she finally got with someone, it would have to be someone descent, not like Spider. He would have to be at least an 8 out of Who is she to have such standards?

And I just found out very recently that she was Thanks for finally tossing that out there. Do you realize how important these details are? That was so distasteful. Jem was a spoiled, distasteful, careless brat that bemoaned her solitary, poor life but then did things like pull out a knife at school and somehow find no fault with herself, blaming others, and trash all of her stuff and yet insist she had nothing, when she had brought that state into being entirely on her own. Yeah, that makes sense. Spoilers ahead: The ending was so messed up.

I wondered how she was going to save Spider from his demise, yet I saw the author had no intention to ever do that. Really great stuff. And to top this trashy story off, she gets pregnant at 15, and 5 years later her kid has the same gift as her. What a colossal, disgusting waste of my time. Drugs, violence, poverty, drinking, cussing, and teen pregnancy. That makes for great reading. I went into this thinking it was going to be sort of post-apocalyptic, with this huge cataclysmic event that Jem knows is coming, and that it was going to be all about that.

Really, though, it's all about Jem. The attack is fairly small, comparatively, and really is more a catalyst for the action, and not the action itself.

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  • It's a story of self-discovery as much as anything. And I didn't find this a bad thing. The book is m 4. The book is much more a study of human nature -- in all its harsh realities and surprising glories. There are so many things working together to make Jem's story what it is: powerful and genre-defying and unflinching.

    There are elements of a coming of age story, dashes of romance, gritty urban fantasy and thought-provoking sci-fi. I truly loved a lot of the choices Rachel Ward made in this book, because I never really felt like she was holding back.

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    She doesn't write down to her audience or pander. Jem's voice is always authentic and utterly human, by turns filled with wonder and triumph, and hopelessness and despair. Her voice and her journey -- fantastic as it may be -- is so human, in fact, that she is at times frustrating and yell-at-able in the way that truer characters can be. I found myself so invested in Jem and her emotions, and I really felt it as she slowly opened up and grew as a person. And lest that sound really sappy and boring, I also really loved how on the edge of my seat I was through this whole book.

    There is a constant layer of tension and worry that pervades the story. I truly worried for Jem and Spider, and I loved that Rachel Ward never took the easy way out, or lessened her story with quick fixes and deus ex machina moments well, there is one that comes to mind, but I actually liked it.

    It was very human for a deus moment It worked. And through all of this there's this kick-ass concept of the numbers Jem sees, and what they mean realistically and philosophically, and what Jem's responsibility is, if any. It was all handled really, really well, in ways I wasn't always expecting, and I have to say, I ended up respecting Ward as an author and being far more impressed by this book and its unflinching human-ness than I ever thought to be. All this from a debut. And if that sounds at all like your thing, I'd suggest you read it.

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    One and a half stars would be the ideal for this book. I thought this one, was a big, waste of time and money, mess. The first hundred pages were painful to read.

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    Dialogues in "street talk" is not my idea of a good book. Because the dialogue just doesn't "flow". I don't care if Jem and Spider are fifteen years old, and if that is a way to ilustrate their social background. I understand it, but i don't have to like reading it. In fact it became painful to do it. But i'm more than thirty years old. So shame on me, for deciding to read it. I'm perfectly aware that this is a YA book.

    But i never read something like that.

    Something that made me, almost on the first pages of the book want to give up on it. Because the characters just felt flat, as cardboard. They had no depth.

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    Fortunately for me, the author, decided around one third of the book, that Spider should start talking in whole, complete sentences. Thank you. Talk about change of personality Let's talk about Jem, the leading character Does one find out WHY?