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Even though we are wired for love, being in love may be the scariest thing one can experience. We desperately want that one fulfilling.
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Look at the people that you have avoided and practice approaching them with love for the beautiful spirit that they are not for their actions or words.

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Notice the difference and the peace that will overcome you as you seek to find love in all things. Allow yourself to look at all the personal relationships that seem to cause problems and tension. Take a chance and love that difficult individual and feel the fear and tension within that relationship disappear. Visualize the loving energy expanding from your heart, expanding out into the world to all your loved ones and family. Now imagine that unconditional love extending out beyond those people and see that same love touching all of those difficult people in your life and then out into the world.

Meditation for the Day: I give myself space to connect with the endless flow of loving energy that sustains me and all life.

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By doing so I discover the flowing energy of love surrounding me and holding me in its arms. Love and Light, Jarrett Meditation for the Day: I give myself space to connect with the endless flow of loving energy that sustains me and all life. Related Posts People. Love Spirit wants you to know love is all around you. The life you are living right now is the result of your thoughts.

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To manifest what you desire, you must be mindful and joyful in the present moment. If you are seeking your one special soul-mate, be patient.

The universe will send you the perfect person, but it might take a little time. In the meantime, tune into the vibration of love by sending loving energy to the world — performing small acts of kindness and compassion to friends, family, strangers and pets. The love you send out will come back to you.

Let Your Love Flow

Prosperity, like water, needs to flow. Start the flow by being generous to others and to yourself.

Opening The Flow Of Love (Guided meditation) by Klaus Joehle

Believe that the universe will deliver everything you need to be happy. Your money energy can be inherited.

5 Steps to Let Love Flow

Think carefully how you feel about money. Do you feel guilty about the idea of having or wanting it because that might be seen as a sign of greed?

see Replace them with present tense, positive affirmations. I use an affirmation that covers all of the bases for me! I say it to myself every day, and also have it on my office wall, where I can see it as I work.