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The British Society of Aesthetics proposes to award up to three PhD studentship full-time maintenance grants, plus tuition fees up to the maximum for UK/EU.
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Mentoring Skills. This trusting and caring relationship normally extends beyond Scouting skills into values, beliefs, and feelings. Adults often mentor youth in the program, but for purposes of this discussion we will consider mentoring as a leadership skill required of adults when dealing with adults.

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Commissioner Service for Newly Formed Units. In this course, a commissioner will learn the role of a new-unit commissioner and become familiar with working side by side with a new unit organizer. Recruiting a Commissioner Team. Effective recruiting is vision-based. Your success will be greater if you have a vision for your term of service that guides you.

In this course, a commissioner will review the various commissioner roles, review the 5 Ps of recruiting, explain the Skill, Thrill, Ill and Kill of recruiting, know the when, where and why of recruiting, and review some recruiting tips. Onboarding New Commissioners. To effectively develop a commissioner, they need initial training and then onboarding into the role of being a commissioner. This course will discuss what is included in the onboarding process and review of the process of onboarding for ensuring new commissioners understand their role and the support that they have.

Developing the Unit Service Plan.

The course is designed to provide understanding of the various components comprising a detailed unit health assessment, identify arising problems and issues, and develop a successful unit service plan based on the outcome of a thorough, collaborative, detailed unit health assessment. Unit and Roundtable Commissioners Working Together. At the end of this training a commissioner will be able to understand how commissioners work together by using the 5 goals of Unit Service, summarize the role unit commissioners play at roundtables, and recognize the unique roll roundtable has in identifying unit needs.

Roundtable is Over - Now What? There are things that need to be completed to help get ready for the next roundtable.

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There are also items that need to be acted on, to help units with their problems. A Roundtable Commissioner will become familiar how to continue their commissioner role after the meeting. The Scouts BSA breakout session focuses on the needs of troop leaders and helps them solve their problems. The breakout session should help adult leaders learn scout skills as needed to help their youth leaders plan and run the troop program. Roundtables and Solving Unit Problems.

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District roundtables have a unique position to help units and unit leaders solve their problems. A great roundtable team will deliver a quality event that encourages leaders to return each month. At the end of this training a commissioner will be able to recognize when units may need additional resources, discuss resources that are available to support unit service and understand how to help units resolve their own problems.

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Master of Commissioner Science Degree. Awarded the Commissioner Key. Complete a minimum of ten additional courses of instruction for a total of twenty-four. At least five of the twenty-four must be from the Doctorate Degree level training. Courses may not have previously been counted toward other college degrees. Thesis or Project. This can be on any topic related to Commissioner Service. Complete the thesis or project using the approved format as determined by the college. The completed thesis or project must be approved by the Doctoral Review Committee See page If a review committee is not used, at a minimum the Council Commissioner and the College Dean need to make the approval.

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Serve for at least one year on the College of Commissioner Science Staff instructor or support staff , or work with training support for commissioners for at least one year. Doctorate of Commissioner Science Courses. Selecting Your Project or Thesis Topic. This course will introduce you to the concept of a thesis or project and will provide an overview of the application and doctoral degree process. DCS Limiting the Scope of the Topic.

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The course will also help you get ideas for your thesis or project research. Developing Your Project or Thesis. Thesis Project Workshop Panel. This is a panel workshop hosted by scouters who have already completed their doctorate. Coaching for Administrative Commissioners.

Using Grounded Theory Approach: From Start to Finish (Philip Adu, PhD.)

Coaching and mentoring are complimentary efforts focused on supporting the highest level of service for administrative commissioners. This class will focus on coaching skills for administrative commissioners. Commissioner Recruiting Workshop. This session is designed to discuss best practices for recruiting administrative commissioners creating a team to recruit, develop a recruitment strategy and how to reach out to prospects.

Succeeding with the Unit Service Plan. This program will give you guidance on providing unit assistance using the service plan developed for the unit.

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The course will also discuss the types of data needed to determine unit success across the district. DOC Doctoral Counseling. You will be assigned a Thesis Advisor at this session. Continuing Education Commissioner Science Courses. Offered via Continuing Education Department. CED Conflict Resolution for Commissioner Course Contents.

Conflict arises from differences. It occurs whenever people disagree over their values, motivations, perceptions, ideas, or desires. In this course a commissioner will become familiar with analyzing the source and cause of conflict, identifying tools to help mediate conflict, and learn to apply the tools to specific situations. A Commissioner's Introduction to Valuing Diversity. BCS Linking District Resources Although commissioners are viewed as very knowledgeable and capable individuals, a key part of their job is to point a unit in the direction of the expert for the topic in question.

BCS Coaching Leaders In this course a commissioner will become familiar with the new Coaching Model and how to use it to better serve their units. BCS Understanding and Communicating with Today's Leaders We, as commissioners, need to understand the differences in relating to the generations involved in scouting and inclusiveness. Applicants should send an email to enquiries britsoc.

The email should include:. Resource Library. You must have been a member of the BSA for 12 months prior to applying for this funding. You must not have been awarded your PhD more than 7 years ago. How to Claim Applicants should send an email to enquiries britsoc.